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Flea/Tick Control

We love our pets and treat them as family. However, they can bring along several unwanted critters that can cause huge issues inside and outside the home. Fleas and ticks are real big problems that can cause your humble home to become an uncomfortable, irritating, and unwanted place to be. These pests require special attention and treatment methods to ensure they are eliminated. We provide an in-depth and thorough inspection along with several treatment options that are guaranteed to suit your exact needs. We identify, target, and eliminate the source of the issue, as well as provide ongoing service options to ensure your home remains pest-free. We address both the interior and the exterior of the home, along with all the crucial areas that are conducive to fleas and tick survival. Don’t waste your time or money buying store-bought pesticides and fumigation cans; THEY DON’T WORK! Leave the pesticide application to the professionals, and let VAST handle it FAST! We look forward to working hard for you soon!

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