Commercial and Residential

We are the TOP Bird Control Providers in Ca. & Az. All our techs are specially trained and certified to perform bird eradication at the highest levels. 

Birds cause many issues for businesses and homes, from bird droppings at the entry of your store or home, to bird mites infesting your living space. There are huge concerns when dealing with a birds and requires special attention and knowledge. VAST PRO'S has that knowledge to ensure your bird problem is removed and, most importantly, stays that way. Put your trust in us, and experience the VAST difference today!

Services Provided:

Custom Netting

Roof Spikes

Ledge Slopes

Bird Wire

Solar Panel Exclusion

Electric Trac

Visual Deterrents

And More....

roof spikes
Keaton & Jordan on window lift
Keaton on 5th story ledge
Visual Deterrent w/ Spikes
Spikes on Awning
Warehouse Netting
Bird Netting
pigeons on rooftop
Rooftop Spikes
Visual Deterrents
Bird Wire
Spikes on Signage