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Bed Bug Control

Bedbugs are terrible to deal with, carrying diseases and blood from many various sources, they pose a real threat to you and your families health and safety. Are you not sure if you have them? Here are a few things to look for when trying to identify if you have bedbugs: multiple bites in the same area, only getting bit at night when you sleep, small blood stains on the bedding or linen, insects in the seams of the mattress, usually toward the head of the bed. These, most of the time, go undetected because they are so small, (typically 4-5mm). Bed bugs can live for several months without a blood meal, hiding in your walls, and/or bedframe, lying in wait, for a perfect time to feast. This is scary because even months after you think they are gone, they can return with a vengeance. A very thorough inspection and treatment plan is key to controlling any bedbug issue. Allow us to take care of this problem for you. We guarantee our work and your satisfaction. Make sure to download our PREP sheet prior to service to maximize the treatment results. Call today for your FREE inspection, and take the first step in taking back control over your home. Bedbug service includes: Thorough Inspection of entire home. Treatment of mattress, box spring, bedframe, dressers, closets and any other furniture in the room(s). Drill and inject material into the wall voids of the shared walls of the infested room(s). Crack and crevice treatment to baseboards and thresholds of the room(s). Aerosol treatment to all personal items bagged up and left inside the home. Monitoring stations left behind to monitor activity and identify problem areas. Follow up services to ensure activity is eliminated and remains that way.