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Rodent Control

Our VAST Professionals have the knowledge and experience to deal with any level of rodent infestation. Our FREE inspections are designed to identify and create a plan to solve your rodent issue and create a pest-free environment for you and your family. Are you hearing them in your walls? In your attic? Scurrying across your walls or fences? Are they taking shelter in your garage? Rodents are not only filthy pests, carrying many different diseases and parasites, but they also cause billions of dollars in damages on a yearly basis, chewing plumbing lines and electrical wires, causing house fires and flooding. With their quick reproduction rate, a minor problem can become a major issue is no time. We have plans for interior issues as well as exterior rodent problems. Don’t fight this battle yourself.

Contact us today to schedule your FREE inspection and give your family the peace of mind they deserve.


Basic Services:

  • Locate and seal all entry points

  • Mass trap-infested areas

  • Frequent trap checks

  • Remove trapped rodent

  • Full Attic sanitation options